"once upon a time there was a girl who was special. this is not her story. unless you count the part where I killed her."

Why would people ever think of Charming as a self-loving asshole? I don’t get it. He’s, like, my favorite character of this entire show. He’s a great father; he fights for the people he loves; he DECIDED TO DIE because he thought it was the right thing to do; he always listens to the things his wife and his daughter say; he enjoys every single second, minute, hour and day he is able to spend with his family.




O U A T  M E M E
[9/12] characters - Belle

[15-16|?] pictures of Shailene Woodley & Miles Teller

this might be my new favorite song ♥

Anonymous: Just do it! Hack, hack, hack!

oh, sweetie, i don’t think i’ll accept jail as an option because i wanna see seven minutes of a TV show I’m def gonna see either way in one week.

sorry, darling ;)

Anonymous: which texture do you use for your gifs?

I barely use textures, nonnie :) but i also have saved over 200 different kinds of PSDs, so you gotta be more specific and link me to the gifset you’re referring to. if you’re lucky, i may be able to help you out :))


swanfire appreciation week | day 1

favorite episode:  t a l l a h a s s e e

Hey, ABC, I got quite good at hacking over the last 3 months. Either you release these first 7 minutes for EVERYONE to see or you’re gonna have to accept that you’re gonna get hacked and then you’re not allowed to charge me for it, ‘kay?!

There are two sides to every story.

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[13-14|?] pictures of Shailene Woodley & Miles Teller

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